The following instructions will help you set up your new phone. The pictured example is a GXP2130. When you open the box, it should contain the following parts:

The back of the unit features these ports, labeled as follows:

To set up your phone, follow these steps. NOTE: The “Quick Installation Guide” included with phone provides additional instructions and images that may be helpful.

Step 1

  • Remove the phone and other contents from the packaging

Step 2

  • Plug the coiled handset cable into the handset.

NOTE: The end with the shorter uncoiled section goes into the handset.

Step 3

  • Plug the phone cable end with the longer uncoiled section into the Handset port in the back of the phone.

NOTE: There is also a HEADset port. Make sure to plug into the HANDset port.

Step 4

  • Get internet to your phone: If you are placing the phone near a computer that already has internet (from an ethernet cord, NOT WiFi), then follow the instructions on the LEFT. If you are placing the phone in a location without an accompanying computer, then follow the instructions to the RIGHT.

Accompanying Computer - 1

  • Unplug the ethernet (internet) cable from the back of your computer and plug it into the LAN port in the back of the phone.

No Accompanying Computer - 1

  • You will need a device to plug into to get internet. The device will likely be either a router or a switch.

Accompanying Computer - 2

  • Now take the ethernet cable included with the phone and plug it into the port labeled PC.

No Accompanying Computer - 2

  • Take the phone cord included with the phone and plug it into the port labeled LAN in the back of the phone.

Accompanying Computer - 3

  • Take the other end and plug it into the ethernet port (internet port) of your computer.

NOTE 1: This is the same port from which you just unplugged the first cord.

NOTE 2: You should now have internet back on your computer. 

No Accompanying Computer - 3

  • Take the other end of the phone cable and plug it into your switch/router.

NOTE: If the phone is already powered on when you attach the phone cable, then the phone will establish a network.

Step 5

  • Wait for your phone to initialize and update.

NOTE 1: All Freshphone phones come pre-configured and are ready to use as soon as they have power, an internet connection, and all the necessary firmware updates.

NOTE 2: It can take several minutes for the phone to download and apply all of its updates before it is ready to use.

Step 6

  • Add the phone stand to the back of the unit in either the upper or lower position (depending on preference).

NOTE: Place the hooks of the stand in the slots and push up to slide in place.