At Freshphone, we believe in offering our customers the best call quality possible. It is important to us that everyone with Freshphone service knows that they can rely on their phones. This guide will help you diagnose issues and maximize quality.

What issue are you experiencing and what should you look for? The following will describe a symptom, then offer a likely cause and solution.

Choppy / Garbled Audio

Likely Cause

  • You have an internet speed issue. For example, your speed is 2 Megabits Per Second (Mbps) when it should be 50Mbps from your internet service provider (ISP).

  • You have an internal network issue due to a piece of equipment. For example, you have aging or misconfigured network hardware.

Recommended Action

  • Decrease the number of devices on your network and/or contact your ISP about increasing your bandwidth (see next step to determine your ISP bandwidth).

  • To monitor/correct a speed issue, visit and, once it loads, press Begin Test. Note the speed and confirm with your internet service provider (ISP) that you are getting the correct speed. Freshphone recommends a minimum of 6Mbps download, 1.5Mbps upload, and a ping under 30ms.

If you have an internal network issue, contact your network administrator to restart your office's router and modem. Often, routers and modems are left on for long periods of time and simply need a restart. If that does not work, have your network administrator or an IT professional check the settings on your router.


Likely Cause

  • Your cables and ports are poorly connected, or devices have degraded. Over time, wires and connection points wear out. These poor connections cause a static sound in the audio.

NOTE: if this is the case, the static will likely be isolated to a particular phone.

  • Your device has built up a static charge. 

NOTE: This only affects the call when using the speaker phone.

  • Electronic devices are interfering with your signal. Electronic devices (even light fixtures!) emit electromagnetic interference that can distort audio signals.

Recommended Action

  • If you have a poor connection, try to isolate the faulty device starting with the handset of the phone. Look for frayed wires and partially unplugged connections. Refer to the following audio flow and check each connection. 

Handset to Handset cord > Cord/Back of phone (handset port) > Back of phone  (LAN port)/Ethernet cable (internet cable) > Switch

  • Keep all electronic devices (not related to the system) a few inches away from the wires and ports.