Freshphone has two options for you to choose from to fit your fax needs:

  • You may use a traditional fax machine by adding an analog telephone adapter (ATA). An ATA converts digital phone signals to analog for fax machines. These are available for purchase through Freshphone.
  • Freshphone provides a fax-to-email service as an add-on to your cloud phone service. For this, you will need to provide Freshphone with a list of the email addresses that will be authorized to send out and receive incoming faxes via your system.

For either of these options, you will need a fax number.

  • If you have an existing fax number that you would like ported over, you can start by filling out our porting form.
  • If you would like Freshphone to assign you a new fax number, just let us know.

For more information, please contact us!