To troubleshoot your problem, follow these steps:

Step 1: Define The Problem

  • If applicable, see if you can duplicate the issue to better define the problem.

Step 2: Specific Function of a Phone

  • If the problem is with a particular phone function, try completing the function from another Freshphone phone.

Step 3: Phone Not Ringing - Part 1

  • If it is an issue with the phone not ringing, verify that the volume is not turned down.

NOTE: The handset must be in the cradle to adjust ringer volume. Only the handset volume changes when it is lifted.

Step 4: Phone Not Ringing - Part 2

  • Verify that the phone is not muted / in Do Not Disturb.
    • The microphone button with a diagonal line through it controls this.

  • If it is muted, an icon of a circle with a horizontal line through it will appear on the right side of the screen.
Do Not Disturb.png

Step 5: Single Phone Offline - Part 1

  • If it is a problem with a single phone, then verify that all cables going into the phone are plugged in at both ends.

Step 6: Single Phone Offline - Part 2

  • Verify that the ethernet (internet) cable is plugged into the correct port.
  • If there is only one ethernet (internet) cable, it should be plugged into the LAN port.
  • If there are two ethernet cables, the one coming from the accompanying computer should be plugged in the phone's PC port. The other (from the internet source) should be plugged in LAN.

Connecting the Phone.png

Step 7: Single Phone Offline - Part 3

  • Once you are sure all cables are plugged in correctly, restart the phone by unplugging and replugging the power cable.

Step 8: Single Phone Offline - Part 4

  • Verify that your phone has an IP address

    • If there is an IP address, it means that the phone cannot communicate outside your network, likely due to filtering/firewall.
    • If there is not an IP address, it means your phone is not registered on your network, and you will need to address the device or cabling issue to provide the phone with internet. 

Step 9: Problem Persists / Multiple Phones Down

  • If multiple phones are offline or your problem persists after trying the above steps, then consider the following steps:
    • Contact your network administrator 
      • Restarting the Router/Modem can sometimes be a temporary fix
    • Visit and submit a request.
    • Contact your professional IT company for diagnosis assistance.