This guide will help you record an Auto Attendant (also known as an IVR or Digital Receptionist) greeting by telling you best-practices and answering frequently asked questions. 

What Is an Auto Attendant?

  • An Auto attendant is a pre-recorded message that gives numbered options with which a caller may interact ("Press 1 for _____, press 2 for...").


  • The Auto Attendant is a useful tool for automating the directing of incoming calls.

What routing options may be added to an Auto Attendant?

  • There are tons of different options that can be included in an Auto Attendant upon request, here are a few:
    • Extension(s)
    • Voicemail
    • Ring Groups 
    • Cell phone forwarder
    • Virtual Conference Rooms
    • Queues
    • Recordings
    • Other Auto Attendants
    • Directories

How do I choose what to number the options?

  • Whatever you want to number each option (0-9) is acceptable.


  • If you want callers to be able to dial extensions by punching in the extension number, you may request to enable Direct Dial.


  • Note: If you enable Direct Dial, callers entering an extension number will always hear ringing before going to voicemail, regardless of the Time Conditions (after hours, etc.).

Can my Auto Attendant only play at certain times?

Auto Attendants can be configured to operate under certain Time Conditions. Many companies choose to have multiple Auto Attendants and play them at different times. This function allows for several different options. For example, a company may want a specific Auto Attendant for:

  • When the office is closed.

  • Special occasions such as holidays.

  • Office hours (as an initial way to direct calls, or if no one is available to take a call).

  • The company's off-season.

How do I add an Auto Attendant to my system?


  • Contact Freshphone with any questions you have
    • 616.710.4534

Sample Script:

Thank you for calling MY COMPANY! 

If you know your party's extension, you may dial it now. 

Press 1 for billing questions. 

Press 2 for operations. 

Press 3 for sales. 

Press 4 for business hours and locations. 

Press 0 to leave a general message. 

For all other questions, please stay on the line.