To set up your new WP820 Wifi phone, see the following information.


  • The WP820 has a charging station, but not a base station
  • The WP820 connects over your local internet connection through your Wifi router or access point
  • Connection quality and reception will be limited by your wireless (Wifi) network coverage
  • All WP820's shipped out by Freshphone will be preconfigured with their extension information
  • You will need to connect the WP820 to your desired Wifi network
  • You can find the full guide to the WP820 here

Step 1

  • Unbox your device and plug in the charging station to a power outlet
  • Press and hold the red power button to power on the handset
  • The handset should have some charge on it already, you may wish to charge the handset if this is not the case

Step 2

  • On LCD menu, press Menu key and navigate to SettingsNetwork SettingsWi-Fi.
  • Set Wi-Fi to “On“ and navigate to “Wi-Fi Settings“. A list of Wi-Fi networks will be displayed.
  • Select the desired network to connect to. (Enter the correct password to connect if requested)
  • WP820 will display Wi-Fi icon on the main LCD menu if the connection to the Wi-Fi network is successful.