To configure programmable keys and settings, follow these steps:

Step 1

  • Log into your Freshphone Hub.

  • If you don't know your password, use the "Forgot Password" function.

Step 2

  • Select the Phones menu item from the left side.

  • Find your phone on the list and click on its green MAC ADDRESS.

Step 3

  • You will see a display similar to the following (with your extension listed):

  • Choose the "Main Screen" or "Dedicated Keys" tab depending on where you want your key displayed (varies depending on your phone model).

  • Select + Add Key at the spot you want your key to be.

Step 4

  • Another box will appear underneath.

  • Enter the desired info for your new key (sample info included in image).


  • The label can be whatever you want to help you remember the key's function.

  • The Value is typically an extension number, feature code, or 10 digit outside phone number.

  • You may use BLF for extension numbers (as shown in the above example). This functions as a combination presence indicator and speed dial.

  • Speed Dial should be used for Feature Codes and 10 digit phone numbers (no dashes or dots - e.g. 6165551234).

  • Some phones have both Main Screen keys and Dedicated Keys. You can switch between them using the buttons above the key add area.

Step 5

  • The settings will save automatically on Hub.

  • It will apply on the phone overnight or upon a reboot of the phone.