For an intro and overview of the Freshphone Hub, see the following:


Logging In

  • Go to 

  • The user email will be your registered admin email address with Freshphone

  • If you haven't logged in yet or don't remember your password, select the "Forgot Password ?" option


  • Once logged in, you will see your Dashboard

  • The Dashboard displays real time extension statuses 

    • Available - Ready to receive a call

    •  in use  - On a call

    • Busy - Set to Do Not Disturb "DND"

  • It's an excellent HUD for what's happening on your system


  • Lists all your extensions and associated names

  • Also shows if Voicemail, Follow Me, and the Mobile App are enabled for each extension

  • Clicking on the extension give more info on that extension and allows you to edit the associated name


  • Shows all your devices, their associated extension, as well as the last time the phone updated ("LAST PROVISIONED")

  • The "MAC ADDRESS" is the identity of the phone and cannot change

  • Select the MAC ADDRESS to show more info on the phone and configure your Programmable "Shortcut" keys 


  • Shows a list of the contacts you've added to your system's address book

  • Add a new contact by inputting a Full Name and Phone Number

Call History

  • Shows a list of system calls with optional filters

  • Filters calls based on date, phone number, extension, or call status


  • Gives a history of your past statements

    • Click to show specific details

  • Displays your upcoming statement

  • View and add your payment method


  • Submit a new port request to add number(s) to your Freshphone account

  • See port request information and status updates



  • Meet your system's architect!

  • View and change your account plan

  • Authorize IP addresses for access from different geographical locations

    • Displays current IP

    • Lists approved IP addresses

    • Provides a tool to add an approved IP for your current or other specified location